Social media uses web-based technology to turn communication streams into interactive dialogues between various users, friends and followers. There are various statistics that account for social media usage and effectiveness for individuals worldwide.

Many people associate social media with creating a profile and adding some business information, in reality it is about creating engagement and interaction between a focused base of fans or followers.

Social media platforms have created one of the best places to interact, discuss and promote your business online.

Social Media Status Review & Strategy Planning

If you are serious about utilising social media marketing, one of the first things we would do is a review of your current usage on the key networks as well as look at your competitors. This gives us a rounded view of what is currently happening within your business as well as analysing your competitors strategies.

Once we have collated this data we will create a strategic marketing plan which will focus on a combination of short and long term goals.

We are happy to fully implement and manage your social media campaigns on a daily basis, but we can also provide in-house training to enable you to implement and begin delivering your own campaigns in an cost effective way.

Remember social media is not just about who has the most likes and shares, it is about interacting and doing that well will lead to new business and happy customers.