What is Business Software Development?

It means writing applications or ‘apps’ (small and large) which often use the power of a database to perform tasks which you would otherwise have to do manually.

Things like Producing invoices, customer notifications/updates, managing stock and sales, customer relationship management through to very niche tasks such as development of our  KARDS which records voice via your PC and organises it into USB publications for the poorly sighted.

How we work.

Firstly and most importantly one of our experts will discuss your requirements in full so we understand your problems and goals.  Next we use our experience and the latest development tools and technologies to produce software which is simple to use and flexible enough to change whenever you need it to.

Why not use off-the-shelf software?

In most cases the answer is the software doesn’t exist, bespoke software is designed for you so you know it does everything you need and nothing you don’t. One of the main reasons to design your own software is it can grow with your business and evolve as you do.

  • Cutting Edge Tools
  • Flexibility To Grow
  • Fully Project Managed
  • Link To Existing Systems
  • Data Transfer for Existing Systems
  • Excellent Ongoing Support

Some Examples of our recent applications include

  • A membership database for Toy Libraries.
  • An on-line annuity calculator for a major insurance firm.
  • A link between a bespoke eCommerce application and Sage.
  • A system to record voice and distribute it via USB memory sticks to listeners.
  • A full bespoke warehouse management and transport planning system.

Sounds Expensive!

Bespoke software development can be much lower cost than you would expect.  Modern development tools, the right team and our large library of previous work means simple apps can be written and live in days!